I grew up in the picturesque town of Kelowna, British Columbia Canada. Being a curious lad, I dabbled in everything technical from motorcycles to musical equipment. Catching the music bug, I played in bands and designed my own amplifiers.

At age 16, I left home, moved to Vancouver, and worked my way up to being a live sound engineer with many top recording artists such as Bryan Adams and Simply Red. I also worked in recording studios and on video shoots for the early days of MTV. In 1985, I moved to Los Angeles to be in the heart the music business. There I worked in various recording studios in Hollywood, live concerts, and TV productions including The Tonight Show. 

Intrigued by the fledgling computer industry, coupled with marriage and a child on the way, I left the music business and learned early programming languages. This eventually led to a position with IBM and my becoming a member of IBM’s OS/2 operating system programing team from 1993 to 1995.

Eventually settling in Evergreen, CO in 1997, I met Darren at one of his gigs in 2000. Our common interests of music and technology spurred a lasting friendship.

Photography has been a part of my life since my early days on the road. I honed my skills using film and capturing those live acts. This was back when it cost a lot of money to take photographs and required having all photos to be developed before you knew if you got the shot or not. The advent of digital technology has certainly made photography accessible to more people, but I treasure those skills learned via film and SLR’s.

I continue to reside in Evergreen, with my wonderful wife (and childhood sweetheart) Sheila and our kids of the canine variety, Thumper, Rascal, and Trigger.

To view more of my work, visit isitephoto.com.

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