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“Pete Best’s half brother, Corey, told rare ommited in the official Beatles’ history.…..” Sk&H hung out where The Beatles first started playing - before Germany, before The Cavern Club...before Brian Epstein...before Ed Sullivan.

Liverpool felt like home. It had a feeling of true English history. Nowadays  - it is totally preserved for Beatle fans from around the world to come and share in the music and the history.

Tour buses  are lined up at the most famous sights - however - the guys took the deluxe ‘Hard Day’s Night’ all day taxicab tour and got lots of inside info and photos. In the book, the guys recpount the amazing story about who is buried in this cemetery and the lost tale of the origins of a Beatle masterpiece. Also, what is the connection of this famous red gate t the John Lennon's past? Get the book and read the inside story.


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