Date Of Birth: March 31, 1967
Birthplace: Crookston, MN Raised: Fertile, MN
College: University Of Minnesota, Moorhead
Studied: Guitar Performance, Composition, Audio Engineering
Musical Instruments: Guitar
Guitar Styles: Many
Two recordings on Billboard’s “Top Classical” chart: Classica #11 in 2000 and Solamente Romanz #8 in 2002.  Beethoven.com, the world’s most popular classical radio station, proclaimed Darren “...the most requested classical guitarist on Beethoven Radio.” Darren has composed over 200 original pieces for guitar and arranged pieces by such composers as Beethoven and Bach.


Feel The Fire Mata Hari


Catharsis Infinity
Watson & Company 1993


Peace, Earth, & Guitars
Peace, Earth, & Guitars Vol. 2 1997
Classica 2000

Solamente Romanz 2002

A Quiet Moment 2003
Duettos Cantabiles 2006

The Guitar Tree 1995

The Guitar Tree Re-Growth 2005


Angels, Guitars, & Joy 1995
A Light Classical Christmas 2001

“My musical vision was formed somewhere in my teens. To be honest with you, I wanted to be a rock and roll musician. That is why I started playing the guitar at 12. I thought I could get a band together, write some songs, play loud, grow my hair, and BOOM—I’d get famous. Thankfully, I went to college instead. There I discovered a world of music so wonderful and diverse. I studied classical, jazz, world, blues, and yes, even rock and
roll. My world broadened. Since then, I have recorded many records and toured literally from Canada to Miami to New York City to San Francisco and everywhere in between. I still reside in Colorado and have grown my company, Colorado Creative Music, to include a record company, recording studio, and event business. It has been a full musical life.” 
“Skanson displays strands of traditionalism while avoiding the austere presentation that sometimes frightens away the uninitiated. In the end, what he plays is simply beautiful acoustic music, the kind braved only by the rarely talented.” ~ Laura Bond, Westword Magazine



Date Of Birth: June, 30, 1953

Birthplace: Westbrook, Maine
Raised: Upstate New York And Maine
College: University Of North Texas, Denton, TX.
Studies: Jazz Guitar, Music Theory, Composition And Arranging
Musical Instruments: Electric And Acoustic Guitar, African Djembe Drum, World Percussion
Guitar Styles: Electric : Rock, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Country, Reggae
Acoustic: Folk, Celtic, Solo And Double Fingerstyle

While in Nashville, co-wrote the song Please No More recorded by Joe Cocker, Etta James & Ry Cooder

Live Dreams #1 Reggae Force 1986
Live Dreams #2 Reggae Force 1987
D-REGmusic Gregg Hansen 1989


Color of Your Heart Different Folks 1997
Rapture Peace&Love&Jigs&Reels 2002
The Road to County Boulder Peace&Love&Jigs&Reels 2012

Tradition, Tartans, and Tears Tamra Hayden 2013

Here in My Heart 2003
The Six Strings of Christmas 2003
As Time Goes By 2004

I started playing guitar at the age of 11— shortly after seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.( I already played piano and cornet for several years). I was immediately attracted to the electric guitar and the whole rock band thing. I went on to play electric guitar in dozens of bands for over thirty years.
In my early 20’s, when I realized I wanted
to be a lifetime musician, I went to college where I learned everything I still use today about music theory, composing, arranging, and playing guitar. Somewhere in all that I lived in Nashville, TN, for three years and put my ten years of songwriting to the test. Joe Cocker recorded a song that I co-wrote.
My electric guitar/band era culminated with my own original reggae project wherein I composed, arranged, sang,  booked, fronted and even drove the bus for 15 years: 1980—1995.
I then sold my 1963 Fender Stratocaster for a 1973 Guild D-35 steel string acoustic guitar and dove into fingerstyle guitar and Celtic music.
“The main appeal of Hansen’s music is that it falls perfectly between the pop and reggae forms, redefining the word “crossover.” As far as musicianship goes, everything is well- paced. Gregg’s voice is smooth and very distinguishable. The solos are well-timed and not overplayed—no wasted notes here.” ~ Matt Johnson, Lone Star Beat

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